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Heading back home to Indiana . . .

Spending this past week in Florida was just what our family needed after such a busy holiday season. There was so much to do during the months of November and December with school activities/projects, preparing for the holidays, sending out Christmas cards plus trying to keep up with everyday life. It felt a bit overwhelming at times. Also, Landon came down with pneumonia the week before Christmas, which was a little scary so we had multiple doctor appointments to take him to and he missed 1 full week of school. By the time Christmas Day came we were prepared and it was wonderful. We stayed in our pajamas all day and packed our van that evening. We were all excited to head south to warmer weather. We spent this past week just playing on the beach and reading books on the front porch of our rental house. Also, we enjoyed taking bike rides to Rosemary Beach for ice cream, to Charlie's Donuts and walking along the nature trail at our resort. We ended our week with an afternoon at Panama City, which was fun. Overall, we had a relaxing vacation and made fun memories together. Now, it's time to head back home to Indiana and cold weather. :)

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